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Mounting Instructions

Vexilar Ultra/Pro Pack

The mount for the Vexilar Ultra and Pro Packs are designed to fit into the exiting post positions that are located on each side of the shuttle. These should go into the post with a light click as the ball on the bottom of the post goes into position.

If you have to force it in any way, then remove the mount and twist the ball in a piece of sandpaper to make it just a tiny bit smaller. Do this in small steps and test fit continuously until it easily clicks into place. 

Humminbird Mount

The Humminbird mount is designed to fit on either side of the transducer cup in the front of the 35, 45, and 55 shuttle. It will also fit on the helix shuttles, but there is no pre-drilled holes in the bottom and you will have to make your own. The post will flip over depending on which side of the transducer cup you want it on. There is a drain hole on the outside of the transducer cup that the supplied bolt goes through. Insert the bolt from the bottom so that the head is on the bottom of the shuttle. The nut will go on the top of the mount. 

 Flush Mount

The flush mount was originally designed for the blue Genz Boxes that some Vexilars come with. You can mount it on the front of the Genz box or anywhere there is a flat surface. These are the ultimate mounts for customizing. You can use these mounts anywhere there is a flat surface, like on the wall of a shanty, a custom made sled mount, or any other shuttle that has a flat surface that you want to put it. These will also mount on a 5 gal. bucket if you want. 

Marcum (Original) Mount

The Marcum Mount is designed to fit on any of the Marcum standard shuttles. It is intended to mount to the opposite transducer arm post that is empty. You can however also mount it on the same post that the transducer arm is if you want. People also use this mount for the Marcum Showdown unit and mount it on the middle arm joint. This mount can also be used on the Ice Helix shuttles on the transducer arm post as well. 

Marcum Lithium Shuttle Mount

The Marcum Lithium Shuttle Mount is designed to attach to any of the four screw posts on the Lithium Shuttle. There is one on each side and two on the front. There is locktite on the bolt to keep it from turning if you want the mount to be able to move side to side. Just tighten it down until it is as snug or loose as you want.

The Lithium Shuttle GloCup does not require drilling into the shuttle in any way. Make sure that the power switch is turned off during the entire installation.

First, remove the bottom plate of the shuttle. There is an opening big enough on each side of the handle mounts to fit the wiring down into the battery compartment. My recommendation is to use the handle on the USB port side. Once the wires are fished through the opening in the handle, unplug the spade connections on the back of the USB port. Replace those with the connections from the GloCup, and then put the original connections for the USB on the stacked spade connections of the GloCup. This will also make it so that the GloCup can be controlled with the master switch on the shuttle.